I Want

I want commitment. I want love. I want mind blowing sex. I want laughter. I want passion. I want peacé


Perfect want vs. Perfect will

Festival King

I, your face I have sought on every desire hitherto
But so hard it is to get what I make known!
Why do my desired “yes’s” from your lips come out “no”
Best I come with thanksgiving leaving my wants un-shown!

Aware your plans are best, this without question
The path you place before me leading to the promise land
Yet my heart breaks as you put aside my every intention
… the stubborn child unwavering in her demand.

I implore, “This is what I ask for! let this be what I get”
Assuredly I will stand challenges on the rise
The climax is failure and at your feet I falls in regret
You in your omniscience bear no surprise

Again and again, stupidly battling against Your will
Yet ever loving Father you softly speak, “Be still…”

OK, so a friend says to celebrate the fact that its my first…

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Festival King

You came into my life
with that sunny smile and bubbly personality of yours
I wondered why someone so wonderful would just waltz into my life

I was there for you
I cared for you
I answered every phone call at all hours
I responded every mail and text message

I showered you with praise and attention
and never had an agenda or ulterior motive
I just enjoyed your company and every moment with you

It seemed like bliss, it all seemed wonderful
and then

You’d breeze past me like a hurricane
without even as much as a hi on your way to meet him
I thought he was the past
you’d stand me up even when you called for a meet and never apologize
I’d stand in the cold waiting for you’d show up with someone else
you’d zone out when it was my turn to talk
you’d call…

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A Fela Kuti Inspired Word To The Leaders

Festival King

Authority stealing expensive shit
Colonial Mentality breeding Mr. Follow Follow

Opposite people, power show
Shakara plus no agreement equals Go slow

Leaders, quit the Roforofo Fight!
The sorrow, tears and blood!

We don’t need another Army arrangement
or to become beasts of no nation… unless…

Hi guys! 🙂

I just wrote a cento thanks to Samuel Peralta over at dVerse.

A cento is a poem composed entirely of lines emanating from other sources. The sources for the cento may come from many authors – a line each from different poets, the titles of different novels, quotations from different politicians.

For my piece I chose titles of songs by the great Fela Kutiand made of it … well you decide 🙂 … I just hope I made the Abami Eda proud though 😉

(For Titles of Fela’s Songs please click on the link—-> FELA KUTI LYRICS)

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