Perfect want vs. Perfect will

Festival King

I, your face I have sought on every desire hitherto
But so hard it is to get what I make known!
Why do my desired “yes’s” from your lips come out “no”
Best I come with thanksgiving leaving my wants un-shown!

Aware your plans are best, this without question
The path you place before me leading to the promise land
Yet my heart breaks as you put aside my every intention
… the stubborn child unwavering in her demand.

I implore, “This is what I ask for! let this be what I get”
Assuredly I will stand challenges on the rise
The climax is failure and at your feet I falls in regret
You in your omniscience bear no surprise

Again and again, stupidly battling against Your will
Yet ever loving Father you softly speak, “Be still…”

OK, so a friend says to celebrate the fact that its my first…

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