New Year resolutions I shall not make!!

I made no new year resolutions last year, and I shall not make any this year.

I find that I never actually keep to those resolutions and I end up feeling like I’ve failed myself.

So I stopped. This year, I shall concentrate on just being a better me.



It’s a couple of hours till the year 2012 ends.I’m seated here, in front of a borrowed computer, and the words that have eluded me for months, come pouring forth. I am thankful for life, thankful for good health, my family, everything really.

A couple of hours ago, I had an accident, it was nothing major, not too minor either, but it caused blood to flow out of my body, and gave me cause to pause and think… To think of the many thousand scenarios in which the accident I had just experienced could have either been fatal or totally been avoided.

I’m glad I survived it, glad I’m with family, glad I had pasta for dinner, and glad I mixed pink Champagne, water and Sprite.

2012 has been an eventful and eye opening year for me, I’ve learned and matured, and understand myself a bit better than I did last year. I’m at peace with the Universe, and I’m very thankful for the gift of love it sent my way.

Happy new year earthlings and aliens alike.May the new year be better than this.