I like a certain type of man. I like my man to be extremely intelligent.

I don’t particularly care if he’s stylish. I would appreciate his style though if he has one and it appealed to me.

It would be great if he allowed me dress him, it would mean he trusts my taste, it would also be fun.

I tend to like artistic types, eccentric, bearded, sometimes dread locked men.

Hell, I don’t mind hairy men, facial hair is sexy, just don’t bring a gorilla!

On the other hand, I love geeks too.


A praying man is key.

A man who’s got that little confusion thing going on, where he knows numbers and statistics and all sort of intelligent facts, but needs me to sort out his daily life. I like being needed. I like men who have a tough side too. Defend my honor.


Give me a smart Mandingo any day over a purrty boi. Manly man. That’s my man.

I don’t care for a man who looks like a wimp, someone I can walk all over. That would not do at all.

I don’t want my gay best friend as my template for my ideal man neither do I want a Johhny Bravo look alike in my quest to find a man’s man.

I do not want a man who imagines himself a warlock who has acquired me as part of his spoils of war, to do with me as he pleases.

Woe betides such a man…

He shall wake up withOUT his penis!


Give me a calm compassionate man who actually has a heart, red blood running in his veins and a head for numbers,  an ear for music and taste buds for food cooked with love and I will love him fiercely and be loyal to him.



Posing in a hole

This is me at a Zoo, in Abuja, Nigeria.

I spent a very wonderful afternoon there in the company of humans I love.

I imagined what it would feel like to be an Animal locked up in a cage, not having the freedom to go and come as I  please. That would be unbearable.

Being in that Zoo brought happy memories of my siblings and I walking around with our Mother.